Sleeping Beautiful Words

Witch in Tower.  Malicious fairy.

Spinning wheel, spindle – jiggeldy hop, jiggeldy hop!

Turrets crystal – golden scent, angelic climbs.

Witch in Tower, malicious scent – glistening spindle.

Ringing crash – SPELL – jiggeldy hop!

Golden slumber – lapping sleep.

Sleeping Beautiful Words

Crystal prince, glistening, burning

Handsome scent, thrash, thrash, thrash.

Angelic golden slumber sleeps.

Burning climb, crystal ringing,

Spinning, burning, slumber, climb.

Spell-crash! Spindle – jiggledy hop!

Angelic scent, golden crystal, glistening and handsome.

Lapping slumber.



© Katie B. Purcell 1990/2015

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Beautiful Words

    • You are so right, naptimethoughts, moist is a truly beautiful word. I can feel dew drops and clear water on my fingertips when I hear the word.

      This poem was written as part of an exercise to encourage the use of a limited amount of given words creatively and, unfortunately, and to my everlasting sorrow, moist was not one of them. Otherwise it would definitely be in there like, um, moist, lovely icing on the cake. Then again, it probably deserves a whole beautiful words poem all to itself , so I shall put my poetry thinking cap on and ponder that for a while.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poetic effort in any event and thanks for the like.:)

      Liked by 1 person

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