Sleeping Beautiful Words

Witch in Tower.  Malicious fairy. Spinning wheel, spindle – jiggeldy hop, jiggeldy hop! Turrets crystal – golden scent, angelic climbs. Witch in Tower, malicious scent – glistening spindle. Ringing crash – SPELL - jiggeldy hop! Golden slumber – lapping sleep. Crystal prince, glistening, burning Handsome scent, thrash, thrash, thrash. Angelic golden slumber sleeps. Burning climb, … Continue reading Sleeping Beautiful Words

Crime Fiction: True Grit or Torture Porn?

Gratuitous violence, anyone? To be honest, I didn’t know what ‘torture porn’ was until fairly recently, probably because slasher horror films (for which the term was originally invented) are definitely not my thing.  However, the question remains: where does the boundary lie between gritty reality in crime fiction and gratuitous, glorified violence for its own … Continue reading Crime Fiction: True Grit or Torture Porn?

Schroedinger’s Dog and other parallel universes

Is the tale wagging the dog? Don’t you just love quantum physics? All those possibilities, spinning endlessly until somebody bothers to look at them at which point they plump for their (positive) physical reality of choice - while somewhere out there in the universe exactly the (negative) opposite choice happens! Oh, the sheer entanglement of … Continue reading Schroedinger’s Dog and other parallel universes